Wednesday, April 05, 2006
It's late, I just want to share with you this story...
It's 2am here. Since I don't have to drop one of my kids to school tomorrow and hubby will be home, which means I get to sleep in. And with the crappy weather that is going, we are not likely to go anywhere, I get to stay up late, or early. Except I'm really craving a greek salad. But that has nothing to do with the story.

So how about some show and tell time?

About what you ask? About how I met my husband? Interested it? Bored already? No, don't answer me. I'm going to share with you anyway. I must be very sleep deprived wanting to do this. So here it goes.

Back in 1996, 1997, I was heavily chatting away on a virtual place called BayMOO. It was very popular back then, but it's dead now, I think. Basically it was a telnet chat environment that you could create virtual homes and meet people all over the world. It was an early version of chat rooms. Anyway, it was there that I met my hubby.

He came to visit me in 1997, all the way from the land down under for three months. Then I went back with him for six months. We got married in April the next year. We have been living happily ever since and produced two beautiful children.

The end.

Ok, I decided I need sleep badly, so you only get the short version.

And I wonder what my kids will think or say when we tell them that their daddy and mommy met over the internet?


Blogger Xinh said...

Meeting on the internet is the new personals.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blogeois said...

Meeting on the Internet is very cool though I might be a bit biased. WS and I met over a local BBS (bulletin board system) which was around before the Internet in the mid 80's.

Anonymous Luminati said...

people always used to make fun of me for "dating" people on the internet. But you know, I met some of the best people ove the internet, and eventually my husband as well.

Anonymous mogsue said...

to bad viggo doesn't inhabit the chats, eh??


and by the time you tell JE and A, it will be the norm for people to have met on the net.


Anonymous Auntie Em said...

You left out the best part! WHO introduced you to BayMoo. :) And that Capn'John was John's handle on baymoo too. (wasn't it? I don't think I'm remembering this wrong.) Anyway...

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