Saturday, April 08, 2006
Can we go again?
The rain has finally stopped on Wednesday. But not early enough for us to venture outside to do anything. It was still very wet.

But come Thursday, we decided to go to Huntington Libraray, being it was the first Thursday of the month and free. When were five blocks away from the place, all cars were stopped. But hubby was really clever and it was good he was able to read the map. He took us around and avoided all the traffic, and got us at the front door within five minutes.

Huntington Libraray has a Children's Garden, it is fairly new. Since Thursday was free, every mom and their kids were there. The place was packed. But the kids had lots of fun. Amber was soaked and dirty. That's how you have a good time. But doofus me didn't check to see if the batteries were fully charge in the camera. It died after taking a dozen photos, mostly JE's.

Yesterday we left around Amber's nap time to Sea World. She did sleep, but not long enough. Half an hour from Sea World, we hit major taffic. It took us an hour extra longer than usual to get there. But the good thing to get there in the afternoon was that there were hardly anyone there. We saw a few shows, ate some BBQ, played in the kids area. Well, the kids played, we supervised. Everyone had a great time. We left around 7, just in time to get home for the kids to have a good night sleep.


Anonymous Luminati said...

sounds like a fun time!!

Your kids are super cute!

Anonymous mogs said...

sounds like you survived your first spring break!

Does it feel odd to have JE go back?


Blogger Liz said...

it was a pretty good spring break, except the three days of rain. je was pretty good too. he didn't whine much. i was really surprised. :)

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