Thursday, October 13, 2005
Did I oversleep?
JE's school ends at 2:25pm everyday, but in order to get a close street parking around the school, I have to leave the house around 1:50 to get a decent parking.

Yesterday afternoon I was lying on the sofa reading a book, then I dozed off. It was about 1pm when I dozed off I think. I didn't know how long I slept, I was awaken by A's crying from her waking up from her nap. I was still a bit dazed, so when I looked at the time on the TV, it showed 2:30. I totally freaked out. I was late picking up JE. Did the school call? What would happen to him? But I calmed myself down a little bit, and on close insepction I noticed it was only 1:30. Pheww, what a relief.


Blogger Xinh said...

gah! I hate when that happens but at least it's better than actually being late!

Blogger Capn John said...

Then the other night Liz fell asleep on the sofa. She woke up at 12:45 and said to me, "What time is it?"
I replied, "It's quarter to one."
"Quarter to one what?" she said.
"It's quarter to one," I repeated.
"Quarter to one what?" she practically yelled at me.
"Do you mean quarter to one in the morning or the afternoon?" I asked.
"Yes!" she screamed.
"It's quarter to one in the morning, of course," I said.
Clambering up from the sofa, a half asleep Liz then stated, matter of factly, "it's time to go to bed."

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