Monday, October 31, 2005
Halloween Scary Story
Since it's halloween, I will be a good host and tell you a good "scary" story.

Five years ago, John and I were living in an apartment. The master bedroom has a walk-in closet. I was standing there hanging clothes. Then I turned and ready to leave, I saw this person with Jason's mask on, standing completely still right outside of the closet. For a split second, I was totally, utterly scaried out of mind. And the person with the mask saw my reacation, probably my face turned white. He immediately pulled off the mask, and it was JOHN.

I wanted to kill him then. But now I think back, it was pretty funny. I would have pulled the same prank on him.

The moral of the story is a good prank/punk is always good, but don't ever do it when the wife is pregnant.


Blogger Capn John said...

Liz has decided she will get me back, I guess. After JE fell asleep last night I went to his room and closed his door and turned around. Liz was standing behind me and she lunged at me with her hands in an upraised position as if she were a ghost. Not overly scary, more surprising than anything else. She's also taken to throwing these giant rubber spiders of JE's at me. I jump, but again more because I've surprised than heart-pounding scared.

She is yet to equal JE, who has done an equally good job of scaring his Dad as his Dad did to his Mum (while she was a month or so pregnant with him, hence Liz's comment). When Liz turned around, I could tell by the initial expression on her face that she didn't realize it was me, which meant it was someone else, and for someone who watches a lot of very scary movies to turn around and find "someone else" standing behind them, wearing a Jason Voorhees mask, I guess that would have been pretty scary.

Back to JE. I get up before the crack of dawn to get ready for work. Everyone else is sound asleep, or they should be. After having my shower I opened the bathroom door and "something" was sitting outside the bathroom door. I say something because it was covered in a white blanket so I couldn't tell what it was. But it was just sitting there quietly, not moving. After the longest second in history I recognized the white blanket as one JE had been lying on watching TV last night, and realized that of course it was him under the blanket, sitting there, waiting for his dad to come out of the bathroom. Why he covered himself with his blanket I have no idea, but to someone who also watches a ton of very scary, horrow movies, it was friggin' scary.

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