Tuesday, October 25, 2005
Check-Up Update
Yesterday A. had her 12-month check-up. The appointment was for 11am, we didn't get out there until 12:30. Grr, her pediatrician's office is always so busy, we never get to see her on-time.

She now weighs 23lbs 6 oz, and 30" long. She has slowed down on gaining weight, still around the 85 percentile. Even though she weighs 23lbs, she sure feels heavier than that, I think I'm development some upper arm musucles from holding her. HAH.

Poor baby had three shots and a TB test. They put small bandaid on her after the shots. Guess what I found in her mouth when I went to get her today after her nap? A bandaid!

On the other hand I'm extremely lucky that both of my kids never get sick after their shots and teething. (knock on wood) And I feel extra lucky that both of them started to sleep through the night around 2 months. And if you haven't noticed, I'm bragging here. :)


Anonymous Amber said...

Wow, Amber is a big girl! she would definetly be towering over Kai. I think his Dr/nurse is doing something screwy when measuring his height. The keep saying he hasn't grown but two or three months ago things he couldn't reach he can reach now. How can they say he hasn't grown?

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