Monday, October 31, 2005
10 Best Scary Movies

This is supposed to be done tomorrow, but the subject is more appropriate for today.

I love scary movies. This is going to be tough, there are so many good scary movies out there.

(in no particular order)
1) Shinning
2) House on Haunted Hill (1959 & 1999)
3) Psycho (1960)
4) Silence of the Lamb
5) Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)
6) A Nightmare on Elm Street
7) The Ring
8) Pet Sematary
9) Hellraiser
10) The Omen

I was browsing the net and came to top 100 scariest movies listed by Bravo. Jaw, Alien, and Exorcist are the top 3 on their list. Strangely I don't find neither of the three movies scary.


Blogger some girl said...

The scariest one for me is The Exorcist. Seriously, I just got a chill while typing that. That movie freaks me the hell OUT!

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