Thursday, November 03, 2005
Are you ready for this?
It's ONLY THREE WEEKS until Thanksgiving. This can not be right!

I'm seriously freaking out. It didnt help that we're I'm hosting it for the first time. I'm feeling the pressure.

On a lighter note, this is funny. But don't watch it at work if you are going to get into trouble.

Happy Turkey Day


Anonymous Anonymous said...

(((Hugs))) you'll do wonderfully.

and you don't have to get the kids ready to go anywhere!



Blogger Xinh said...

I think you'll do fine. I managed to cook a 10 pound turkey one year by myself (which left me with 10 pounds of turkey). And if I can do it, then you certainly can because you're better with the domestic stuff that I am.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

if you are in need, i can give you an excellent gravy tip. let me know.

ps - love the story of how you and your husband met. very very cool.

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