Saturday, November 05, 2005
Friday Five
1. What are you most self-conscious about?
My boobs, or lack of.

2. What’s your favourite word?
Don't have one.

3. What’s your biggest fear?

4. What’s the weirdest thing ever to happen to you at work/school?
Experienced an earthquake at my last job. Felt it on the 39th floor. It was pretty weird, because I didn't know it was an earthquake. I was feeling sick when I lowered my head, but was fine when I sat up.

5. If you were going to have a revolution, what kind of society would you create?
A society of true freedom. If you are an adult, do whatever the hell you like, as long as you don't endanger other people's lives.


Blogger Xinh said...

Okay. I don't want to seem like a weirdo or anything, but your boobs seem like a good size. Granted, I don't go around staring at your boobs so maybe I don't have a good idea of what they look like to begin with, but they seem okay to me.

Anonymous ghoti said...

lemme see.


small boobs are fantastic and look great with tank tops and no bra.

nips have magical powers.

Blogger Capn John said...

How the hell did I miss this post?

Ghoti, I couldn't agree more; no power on earth can compare to a pair of boobs covered by nothing but a tank top.

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