Monday, November 07, 2005
Poor Bunny
Bunny is sick. Poor baby. First it was just congestion, then became a full on coughing. Last night she kept waking up. So I slept in the single bed in her room. She didn't sleep well, I didn't sleep. That bed is horrible. I woke up with back and neck pain, not that I don't have them already.

I got her some Vicks Babyrub today, hopefully it could help her to have a full night sleep. Even though she's sick, she still has the big smile for me.

This week is a three-day school week for JE. Maybe I will take them to the zoo on Thursday if Bunny is feeling better.


Blogger Xinh said...

Hey. If I'm not working on Thursday and you do go, can I go with you? I've never been to the LA Zoo. Or were you thinking San Diego? In which case, maybe I'd still want to go.

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