Wednesday, December 07, 2005
10 Household Chores You Hate

A day late too, but what to do?

1) Vaccuming (Hate it, hate it, hate it. John does all the vaccuming in our house.)
2) Dusting
3) Picking up dog doo-doos.
4) Baking.
5) Throwing away garbage.
6) Cleaning bathtub/shower.

Actually I don't mind too much about chores. I think it is different when it is your own house, I like to see it nice and clean. I think I have become really anal about cleaniness ever since we acquired our own house, especailly in the kitchen and living room areas.

I used to not like cooking, but I love it now. And when it comes to dishes, I actually perfer handwash them than dishwash. I feel my dishes are cleaner when handwashed.

And no, don't ask me to handwash your dishes or clean your house. :)


Anonymous ghoti said...

i HATE washing dishes. HATE it.

i've never used a dishwasher, it's always been by hand.

i cannot stress how very much i HATE washing dishes.

Anonymous Auntie Em said...

you hate baking???!!! what's wrong with you???! :)

I love baking. especially the burnt ones.

Blogger Liz said...

I don't think it's the actual baking part I don't like. I will bake things if they are pre-made, like cookie dough. But if i need to make things from scratch, then I need to take out the blender, clean it and various pan, make a big mess on the kitchen counter. The thought of that alone left me desireless.

Anonymous ghoti said...

food processers frighten me for that very reason.

Anonymous Amber said...

I'm with you on the bathtub/shower cleaning but for me its the entire bathroom. That was my chore growing up and now I can't stand to clean the bathroom at all. The most i'll do is the sink but poor Tela has to clean it all.

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