Tuesday, November 22, 2005
Well, the surprise has arrived today. Guess who? My mother-in-law. We have known this for more than a month, maybe two, and we didnt tell my parents about it. That was hard, especailly I see them regularily. But the look on their face when they see her, it was worth it. And it was really really funny. My mom's jar basically dropped to the floor. HAH.

So my MIL is going to be here for three, I guess there will lots of shopping to be done, and we are planning to do the Black Friday. All these years I have been living here, it will be the first I'm doing the Black Friday. Just hope I can get up that early. *yawn*

Tomorrow JE's class will have a party instead. The teacher had a list posted outside of the classroom for the parents to sign up, to bring various items: turkey, pumkin pie, napkins, drinks, table clothes, etc. Luckily I got to school early that day and was able to sign up for a non-food item.


Anonymous Mogsue said...

what is Black Friday?

:) and not to worry, you will do fine with the turkey day dinner!



Blogger some girl said...

Black Friday in Southern California = HELL. Good luck out there!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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