Thursday, December 01, 2005
Shop until she drops
Ever since MIL got here on November 22nd, besides preparing for Thanksgiving, we have been out everyday doing nothing but shopping and more shopping. She is the one who is doing most of the shoppings, mainly for clothes and Christmas.

The stuff here are so much cheaper, comparing to what they have in Australia, even after exchange rate. She arrived with one suitcase and a carry-on. She most denfinetely needs a second or third suitcase when she goes back.

Tomorrow we are headed out to Chinatown and downtown to show her around a bit. I think next week we will do more sight-seeings than shopping. I know my bank account will thank me.


Anonymous Fionna said...

Do you at least get to pick out your own present? ;)

Anonymous Auntie Em said...

if SHE's shopping, why would YOUR bank account thank you for no more shopping runs? ;)

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