Wednesday, December 07, 2005
Smart kid, I think
I asked JE a few days ago if Santa Claus is real?

"No. He is just people in costume. Sometimes it's Grandpa, sometimes it's some stranger in the mall."

Overheard in the car with hubby, 2 kids and MIL.

We were our way home from Huntington Library today. Amber was really tired and cranky.

hubby: "I think he (JE) needs a N-A-P (spelling it out) too."
JE: "No, I'm not tired. I DO NOT need a nap."

MIL and I laughed out loud. Well, the days of spelling out words so the kid won't know what we are talking about are over, at least for one of the them.


Anonymous ghoti said...

you can always use pig-latin until he works that out as well.

itsyay imetay orfay ayay apnay!

ooway oohay!


Anonymous Auntie Em said...

pig-latin, there's an idea!

yeah, gone are the days of spelling. We now use it for Jared. heehee

Blogger Liz said...

You are too funny Ghoti. :)

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