Monday, January 09, 2006
It has been one crazy week, it only is going to get crazier.

First, my dad was scheduled to have a major back surgery last Thursday. He was all prepared to go under the knife; we were mentally prepared too. But on Wednesday afternoon, the sugeon called and had to reschedule to this Thursday, due to an emergency brain operation. Once again, has to re-prepare for it. At least we get to spend an extra week with him before he gets stuck in bed for a month or two.

His oldest sister flew in last Wednesday evening from Chicago to help my parents out. Since my dad's surgery got rescheduled, she gets to spend a week more like on vacation than working her butt off.

One of my many cousins who was supposed to come here with her family today cancled on us, because her daughter has a fever. I went and totally stocked up our fridge and even got a cake for her son, whose birthday was yesterday. Really disappointed, but can't be helped when kids get sick. At least reduced some stress level from me.

So now I just sit and wait until Thursday arrives. Pray everything goes well with dad's surgery.


Blogger Xinh said...

((hugs)) for your dad.

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