Monday, April 03, 2006
Good times, good times
So what did we do on the first offical day of Spring Break?

I took the kids to the park. I thought JE would run wild once he was there. But nope, he stayed mostly with his sister. Holding onto her while going down the slide, blocking her way if he felt it was unsafe for her to cross. He was very protective of her. On the other hand, Amber just wanted to do whatever. She spent half of the time burying herself in the sand.

We made to the park just in time too. The rained started to come down when we were leaving.

While Amber was having her nap, JE and I did some finger painting. It was the new no-messy paint, which made it even better, because there were no paint drops to be cleaned.

John is taking Wednesday to Friday off. So hopefully we will be able to make a day trip to San Diego.

I just looked up to see the April calendar. Every weekend of this month is filled with kids' activities. JE has two birthday parties to go to, and there is the egg hunt, a dental and doctor appointment for each kid. Then on the 16th we are going to see "Cats" with a friend of ours. I'm really looking forward to it.


Blogger Xinh said...

I'm glad you mentioned Cats because I totally forgot! :-)
I just wrote it on my calendar.

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