Thursday, September 07, 2006
I can cry
I'm crying actually. I scratched the brand new car. It is in the shop now and I won't get it back for about ten days.

I was at the bank's drive-thru, waiting behind this car. It seemed like the shorter lane at the time. I didn't know what the woman and her friend were doing. Seemed like searching for a dropped ATM card. They took forever. I couldn't really back out and go to the other lane, there was a car behind. Finally the car behind me moved. I waited a bit longer, but they still have not even put their card in the slot. So I backed out, as I turned to move to the other drive-thru. I heard this grinding sound. It was the sound of my car grinding on this pole between the two drive-thru.

I dared not look at the damage until I stopped at somewhere later. I just about died.

I feel so sad and angry at myself, at that woman in the drive-thru, and the stupid pole.


Anonymous ficklechick said...

Sorry to hear that, I know it sucks. :(

Blogger Amber said...

Oh my gosh! I'm sorry to hear about that. I did something similar to our smaller car and a damn pole! I have yet to repair the damage.

Anonymous auntie em said...

oh you poor thing!!!
If it's any consolation, my car has lots of scratches! and I mean LOTS!

Anonymous Luminati said...

ugh! I feel so sorry for you! I totally did this to our new car, also! Except instead of scraping across a pole, I accidentally got caught on the curb of a small median (at a bank, too!) and scraped up the bottom of the car. Had to have the paint all redone and everything.

Why does it always have to happen to the NEW car?! :(

Anonymous mogs said...



Blogger some girl said...

Grinding? Oh, no! That's a "did that just happen?" moment. :(

But don't worry, when you get it back, it will be good as new.

Blogger Liz said...

if it was just a little scratch, i would not have minded or fixed it. but it was pretty long, from half way on the right side of backseat door to passing the gas door.

Blogger some girl said...

Oh, Dude! :( What color paint?

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