Monday, September 04, 2006
Too hot
Why is it still so hot in September?? At least I can take comfort in knowing that school starts in two days.

Didn't do much this long weekend. Did I mention it is way too hot?

We went to travel town this morning, then had lunch at CPK. Nothing is better than free fun. I was sweating like bullets though. Everytime A. got on a train, I was freaking out that she was going to fall out.



Anonymous ficklechick said...

What a cute picture! I bet is was unbearably hot inside that black train. ;)

Blogger Amber said...

We went to travel town on Saturday and I felt like I was going to have heat stroke. But Kai loved it and burned off a ton of energy! Did you notice that there were a lot of spider webs and spiders?

Blogger some girl said...

When I walk outside, the heat sucks the life out of me. I'm so over it.

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