Saturday, December 09, 2006
Feeling better
Well the magic pill (aka airborne) worked! When I first felt the itchiness in my throat a couple of days ago, I quickly dawned one and shoved night-Quill's in me. I so do not need to get sick right now, with the holiday coming soon and guests arriving next week, not to mention we plan to take a weekend trip to Vegas. Thank goodness nothing flared up.

Promised JE that we would take him to Sea World today, since his best friend's Mom had some free tickets. But was feeling like crap last night. John ended up taking him, his friend, and the Mom there. He had a good time.

John told me those two were the best buds one minute, then the next they acted like the worst enemies. They did that back and forth all day long. Glad I wasn't there, it would have driven me crazy.

I was helping John wrapping one of the gifts for his co-worker. His work does the secret Santa thing every year. It was a bottle of lotion which she requested. We wrapped it in 3 layer of boxes, each box was wrapped in duct tapes. I put wrapping paper on the third box, then put that in a larger box all wrapped up in nice paper. It is going to take her forever to open it. And she is one of those girls who likes to tear the wrapping paper quickly to get to the gift. I wish I could be there to see her opening it. We are too evil.

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Anonymous mogs said...

The tape monster got her!!

:) we do that to one another too ~ we (at least) think it odd if we do not get at least one package with enough tape to mummitize (is that a word?) an entire town...

(hugs) glad you are feeling better! I still have not figured out if Airborne works for me or not.

Blogger FlawedSanity said...

oh meanie!!! :)

Blogger Xinh said...

ah ha! So you're the one who got me sick! You and your monster virus germs that I caught over the phone on Friday whilst talking to John about our cancelled plans.

And then of course, I gave the cold to Susan just by talking to her over the phone on that Saturday!


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