Wednesday, November 22, 2006
Bloody Hell
Around seven last night I realized I have totally forgot to buy paper plates/cups for Amber's T-day lunch at her pre-school. They are doing a pot-luck lunch. Of course I choosed one of the two non-cooking items. HAH. Anyway I grabbed JE and rushed out the door. I went to a couple of stores and they actually sold out on t-day plates/cups. I finally got some at Target and they were on-sale too. As I was pushing the cart to the car, I kicked my little toe on the wheel. When I got to the car, I found my toe was gushing out blood. I patched it with some napkins. God that hurt!

This morning I did again with the cart kicking at another store. More blood and more pain. My little toe is all bloody and black, very gross. Did I mention it is bloody painful?


I don't know about you, but isn't Thanksgiving tomorrow? Then why the hell are Christmas lights out on full-forces on some houses?? It just ain't right.


Anonymous auntie em said...

Poor baby!!!

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