Sunday, October 22, 2006
Happy Birthday Amber
My baby is two today. Two I tell you!

It seemed like yesterday I held her tiny body in my arms. Now she is a walking, running, jumping, climbing, talking little girl. She is growing up too fast.

She tries to climb onto anything she sets her eyes on. She is truely her Daddy's girl, I just hope she does not get a scar to prove it like her Daddy did when he was two.

On the other hand, she is a girlie girl. After I put clothes on her, she will point to herself and says "Pretty." And looking at herself in the mirror, turning in circles.

We had a combined birthday party for her and my Mom yesterday. My mom was turning 60.


Amber eating broccoli


Amber's birthday cake

Mom's birthday cake


Anonymous mogs said...

Happy Birthday to your mom and amber both.


:) wow.


Anonymous ficklechick said...

Happy Birthday to both of them!

What a beautiful little girl she is!

Blogger Amber said...

Amber is such an adorable little girl!!

Blogger Xinh said...

Happy Birthday to Amber and your mom!

Blogger Liz said...

Thank you on Amber's behalf.

Blogger some girl said...

Happy Birthday, Amber and Mom! She is too cute!

My youngest son was born on my Mom's b-day and it's always been such a great celebration with the 2 of them. :)

Everyone gripes about the 2's..but for me, they were one of the best ages. I loved them! Have fun!

Blogger Liz said...

Actually my Mom's birthday was in August, but she waited to celebrate it until my husband's families were here. Which also happened to be A.'s birthday.

Blogger zz said...

Your girl like a angel.

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