Monday, November 27, 2006
It rained this morning! Can't remember the last time it rained here. Of course the groomy weather made me think it wasn't morning, which in term made me up late, which in term made JE late for school. Poor kid had to eat dry cereal in the car.

Had a good Thanksgiving. This year it was just my parents and us, the other two usual suspects, my aunt and uncle's family didn't join us this year. The aunt's spent it with their daughter, and the uncle just came out of hospital due to a nasty fall. We thought he got brain damage, he was pretty dedulusional and the man is over 80! Luckily he came out fine at the end.

So shopping has started, but not me, didn't venturn into any shopping centers during the crazy weekend, except to Best Buy to pick up a TV for Dad. That is what happens when you get a SUV, everyone wants your help to carry their bulk items. It was surprisingly not crowded. We were in and out in thirty minutes.

Did I mention I am done with Christmas shopping? I know you are all jealous.


Anonymous Friglet said...

I can't believe you're done shopping already! I haven't even started!

Blogger Amber said...

So jealous that you're all done with xmas shopping! A handful of the remainder on the list will be getting Yahoo! Schwag from our store. Kinda lame?

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