Wednesday, November 01, 2006
A day later
Took the kids out last night for some trick or treat. The street we went on went all out. One of the houses had a fake cementary in their front yard, completed with tomb stones and steam machine. They even had their kids hid in the bushes and jumped out screaming every once a while. The kids were not scared, but a few parents got a good scared out of it. It was quite funny.

princess and power ranger

Another house turned their front lawn into a carnival. We didn't bother. It was way too crowded. We also heard that another hosue on the block put a haunted maze on their front yard. By then we already walked up and down for almost an hour and got two buckets of loots for each kid. We decided to call it night. We had to be home by eight anyway.

JE's school district did this thing this year that they encouraged the kids to be home by eight. The parents had the option to fill out a form, if your from was picked and they called you after eight. Your child got a prize. I told JE about it, he was very excited all night, kept telling us to be sure to get home at eight. I realized he might not get the call, since they were picking out from hundreds of forms. I tried to calm his down and didn't want him to get disappointed. But guess what? Someone called us shortly after eight and JE got third prize. I am yet to go pick up this prize. Apparently I have the whole November to do so. JE got extra excited and it made the night complete.


Anonymous auntie em said...

did u rush out and get a lottery ticket? Cuz I would! lol

Blogger ficklechick said...

That's a really good idea! I wish our school did that!

Blogger Xinh said...

I don't get why a school would care if the kids were out past a certain time.

Anonymous Bitka said...

Awww, they looked great!

Blogger some girl said...

Your kids are so cute!!

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