Saturday, December 23, 2006
I am beat
One of my cousins and her families came from east coast to spend the holiday with us. I have been doing pretty much nothing except going out to eat and going to the malls, which broke one of my rules that never go to the mall during the last few days before Christmas. At least the food was free.

We went to the Grove today. It was not as crowded as I imagined. The kids loved the water fountain and trolley. They stood by the fountain forever, which shooting up different streams along with different type of music.

JE is having great fun with my cousin's daughter, who is closer to his age than her son. They play really well together.

Tomorrow is the Christmas party which is held at one of my aunts every year. I will be busy cooking some dishes to bring. If I don't write more, I will wish everyone a Merry Christmas.



Anonymous Auntie Em said...

Happy Christmas to you guys too! Greetings from China. :p

Blogger xinher said...

Merry Christmas!!1

Anonymous Friglet said...

Enjoy the time with your family!

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