Friday, September 15, 2006
JE's school started last week, I saw my first and only Hummer at his school. Already the driver has proved himself to be typical Hummer asshole.

When we drop the kids off in the morning, basically we pull up to the curb and let them out, and we are on our way. There is no stopping, no parking by the curb. This morning after I dropped JE off, I pulled out and went on my merry way. I past the Hummer, he basically parked himself by the curb blocking traffic. Instead of doing the decent thing which is driving around the block to pick his wife/girlfriend from taking the kid(s) to class.

I hate Hummer drivers!


Anonymous mogs said...

They are exactly the same up here. I often wonder if the prerequisite for buying gas guzzling monster pig trucks is to have oneself declared legally brain dead??

Blogger Capn John said...

Hmmm...still no mention of getting locked out of the house by a toddler.

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