Monday, October 09, 2006
Long Weekend
We spent three days at San Diego. Had loads of fun, but I'm beat. At least the hotel's spa made it all better at the end of the days.

Went to Sea World on Friday, Wild Animal Park on Saturday.

Had lunch with Shamu at Sea World. It was a really cool experience, the not so bad food and free beer helped too.
Lunch with Shamu

Then the boys "forced" SIL and I on to the Journey to Atlantis ride. It was pretty scary, but we overcame our fear after the first loop around.
John and BIL on Journey To Atlantis ride

Unfortunately the Shipwreck Rapids ride was closed. JE was looking forward to getting wet. He ended up getting wet anyway by standing on the side of the Atlantis ride, water splashed at him when it did the big drop.

The boys went to Legoland on Sunday, while we shopped until we dropped at Carlsbad Outlets. Good thing we got the highlander, we were able to fit six adults and one child, plus all the shoppings.

John took BIL to Magic Mountain today. Those two are roller coaster junkies. No thanks, I don't feel like vomiting today.


Blogger Amber said...

Sounds like your family visit is going well and you guys had a eventful weekend! Fun, fun, fun!!!

Anonymous ficklechick said...

Gotta love that free beer at Sea World! It's my favorite attraction in the whole park. :)

Blogger Wolfgangdoom said...

I love both you and your husbands blog :) I get to read about the events on his and then see the pics on yours! Keep up the nice work and best of luck to both of you.

Blogger some girl said...

Wow, you guys know how to entertain! I love the fact the Sea World serves beer. More amusement parks need to get with the program.

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