Sunday, October 01, 2006
Bulletin Board
- MIL and a family friend arrived on Monday morning.
- Then all hell broke lose. HAH... just kidding. Everything is going well so far.
- Tuesday took them for a bit of shopping. But Amber was very fussy, ended up in Chucky E Cheese.
- Wednesday went to LA County Fair after picking up JE from school. Had lots of fun.
- Thursday took it easy at home.
- Friday went to Old Town Pas, after stopping by at Michael's first.
- Checked out the new store H&M. It was a mad house there. Bought a couple of tops, didn't bother trying them on. The line to the fitting room was a mile long and so was the cash register.
- Saturday they spent whole day at a dog show. (they used to show dogs) Then all went to my parents' for dinner.
- Sunday (today) took them for Dim Sum, so yummy. Then SURPRISE, more shopping.

SIL and BIL are arriving tomorrow evening. Going to SD this weekend.

JE kicked ass for his school fund-raising. Well, he didn't do anything. Mostly due to John's co-workers, he had 50 items under his name.


Anonymous auntie em said...

did ya get anything for me???? :)

Anonymous ficklechick said...

Hang in there!

Blogger some girl said...

Sounds like things are going well! Glad you're having a nice time.

Did JE have to sell wrapping paper?

Blogger Liz said...

Not much wrapping paper in this catalog we got this year. Actually we had lots of $6 items in this one. So even sympathy buy isnt costing them too much. :)

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