Friday, September 15, 2006
I am trying to block it out of my memory, until someone opened his big mouth
Was it Tuesday? I think it was Tuesday. See, I already can't even remember when it happened.

Anyway, I went into the garage to get something, when I turned around and tried to get back in the house, my darling daughter has locked the door. She didn't just lock it, she deadbolted it!

I freaked out and tried to tell her to unlock it for a while, but like any almost 2-year old, she kept saying no.

Luckily my bag was in the car along with my cell. I called 911*, and within a few minutes our local PD showed up. Not one, not two, but three cop cars**. They tried to open the door without breaking it, but couldnt do it. They ended up calling a local locksmith. He showed up, he opened the door in 2 seconds.

What was my daughter doing? Finger-painting on the floor.

Go ahead and laugh. I know you are.

*I called my husband first. He was out lunch without his cell!

**I would have totally taken picture of the three good-looking cops if not for the emergency.


Blogger Xinh said...

I'm glad to hear everyone ended up being okay.

Having said that, I will now say "HA!!"

Anonymous ficklechick said...

I'm laughing over here. Only because it all turned out okay and we've all been there. :)

Anonymous mogs said...

I would have been absolutely terrified!

but now that it is over, its' funny ~

and put a spare key somewhere in the garage, eh?



Blogger some girl said...

So, I take it your alcohol stash was untouched? ;) Very scary! That, to me, is worse than being locked out of the car.

You coulda still snapped maybe just ONE pic of the hot cops, though..I so feel gypped.

Anonymous auntie em said...

hahahahaha ok, i know it must have been scary for you. but now that it's over, it's really too funny! jared's done that to me too. luckily he did unlock it after i told him to. kids!

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