Friday, February 29, 2008
Senior Abuse?
As I was leaving Target the other day, I stopped for a lady to cross from the front door to the parking lot. She stopped half way, I was ready to lay the horn on her, then I saw an old lady (her Mom?) walking out the door, pushing a cart load of stuff. She was probably 4'8", 5' the most, looked like in her 70s. The cart was filled up to as tall as she was. The woman just stood in the middle of the road watching the old lady pushing the cart toward her, very slow of course, it must be very heavy for her.

Luckily for the lady, their car was the first one in the row. The daughter (I assumed) opened the door and just went to sit in the driver seat while her Mom put everything away in the truck!

I sat there with my mouth open, totally shocked.

Seriously WTF? Are you kidding me here??? How disrespectful and rude could you be? I felt very sad for the old lady.


Thursday, February 07, 2008
Words from the mouth of a three-year old!
Just now Amber was putting stickers somewhere, most likely somewhere she shouldn't be putting stickers on. Then I heard her saying, in the saddest voice:"I broke my hand. I can't do this anymore."


Happy Chinese New Year.


Sunday, February 03, 2008
I am proud
Last week JE's school was selling snow balls to raise money? I am still not too sure. Basically it was made of cotton balls, whichever class can fill up their class jar will win a prize. It costs 50 cents each. Being the cheap-ass, I was giving JE 50 cents a day. On Friday, which was the last day, he dug out $10 out of his wallet and used all to buy snow balls. I was pretty amazed. I am sure the prize incentive helped, but still... He rather gave the money to school instead of buying a new toy.

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I just finished doing our tax. We are getting a refund as usual. I have been using Turbotax online for a few years now. It is so easy to do, especially you do not have a business, just the usual like mortgage, property tax and such.

On a different note, Amber started her gymnasium class a couple of weeks ago. She goes there every Tuesday afternoon. Well last Tuesday, her underwear was stuck, so she decided to take off her pants and underwear in the class! I was modified. Luckily we were on one side of the room, I think only one parent saw it.

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