Thursday, April 27, 2006
Meme from the Xinher
Today did you…

1. Talk to someone you liked: yes.
2. Buy something: nope.
3. Get sick: nope.
4. Sing: no.
5. Make out: yes.
8. Talk to an ex: no.
9. Miss someone: no.

Last person who….

10. Slept in your bed: me, as John got up way earlier than I did.
11. Saw you cry: John.
12. Made you cry: one of my SILs.
13. Went to the movies with: JE, Ice Age: The Meltdown.
14. You went to the mall with: my meet-up Mommy groups.
15. Said I love you to you: John.

16. Ever been in a fight with your pet: no, I am not crazy.
17. Been to California: as I live in CA, I’m going to say yes.
18. Been to Mexico: once.
19. Been to Canada: yes. Lived in Vancouver for 2 years.
20. Been to Europe: no.

21. Do you have a crush on someone: my husband, celebrity-wise it's Jason Statham.
22. What book are you reading now: Sister of the Dead by Barb & JC Hendee.
23. Best feeling in the world: not having to worry about anything.
25. What do you sleep with: nothing.
26. What’s under your bed: blankets in boxes, dustbunnies.
27. Favorite sports to watch: I used to watch a lot of basketballs. Now I barely have time to watch anything, let alone sports.
28. Location: where do I live? Southern Calif.
29. Piercing/tattoos: no piercings, one tattoo on my back.
30. What are you most scared of right now: something terrible happens to my kids.
31. Where do you want to get married?: My dream wedding would have been an outdoor wedding, perferrable over-looking the ocean, but we couldn't afford it. We got married in church instead.
32. Who do you really hate?: no one.
33. Do you have a job: Does full-time Mom count?
34. Do you like being around people: Somewhat, not if I have to deal with them daily in a customer service relation.
36. Have you ever cried: yes.
37. Are you lonely right now: no.
38. Song that’s stuck in your head right now: nothing.
39. Played strip poker: yes.
41. Been on radio/TV: no.
42. Ever liked someone, but you think they never noticed you?: yes.
43. Ever liked someone who treated you like crap?: yes.

1. First real best friends: This girl that used to live next to door to us in Shanghai, and we went to the same middle school.
2. First school: Dont remember the name, a kindergarten in Shanghai.
3. First screenname: simplyred.
4. First funeral: one of my grandma's.
5. First big trip: my dad used to teach at an university in Shanghai, each summer the school has tours to different parts of China. I remember fondly that we do that each summer since I was 10.
6. First celebrity love: Jon Bon Jovi. (Don't laugh)
7. First job: babysitting neighborhood kids.

Everyone also has their lasts…
8. Last person you hugged: John.
9. Last song you heard: "What is the name of that song?" from one of Elmo's videos, that goes La De la de la, what's the name of that song? Please God, let this be over soon. (Great, now the song is stuck in my head.)
10. Last car ride: the drive to pick up JE from school.
11. Last time you cried: reading news on about the surviving miner from that W Virginia mining, his story about what happened.
12. Last movie you watched?: in the theatre, see question #13 above; on DVD it was The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe.
13. Last food you ate: chicken bowl from Yoshinoya.
14. Last person of the opposite sex that you talked to in person: JE.
15. Last shirt worn: a white t-shirt.

I am not in a blogging mood lately, but I still read all the blogs though. Besides I joined a local Mommy meet-up group, it has taken much of my time. We meet at least once a week with our kid(s). It has been fun so far, and it's good to talk to other mommies and meet new friends.

Our 8th anniversary has come and gone. I think it's pretty amazing that we have sticked to each other for eight years.

We both joined a local gym, and I have been working out hard. I am sick of it that I'm still carrying around my pregnancy weight, I want to go back to my pre-pregnancy weight. But my main goal is to be fit and more energized. I get tired so easily. Another good thing is that after working out for a week, my long-suffered back pain has been reduced to almost none-existance.

JE had his very first field trip to the Kidspace Children's Museum on Wednesday, I was one of helpers. I am not sure if they had fun or not. First of it was really crowded, there were about 5-6 bus load of kids there; Second each Mom was responsible for four to five kids, it was kinda hard to keep an eye on four kids in such a crowd. It was really stressful for me, but I past the test. Everyone came back in one piece.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006
Weirdness 101
I saw this meme on busy mom. I pondered for a few minutes how weird I am. I remember I was always pretty easy-going about things in general. If certain things were not put in certain places, who cares? But now I have become so anal on a lot of things. It's my way or the highway.

1) Every utensil, pan, bowl, plate is used for certain things. If the wrong item is put in it or cooked in it, I will have anxiety attacks and it grosses me out. I will go as far as throwing it away and getting a new one. So don't mess with MY kitchen!

2) Our closet is very neat, it is color coordinated. In my kids' case, they are size coordinated.

3) I think I am the only one on this planet who actually like doing laundries. I can't stand it if others do my laundries. Somehow clothes always get messed up when others do it.

4) If I see dirt/stain anywhere on the floor in the house, I will get down and scrub it off right away. I could be in the middle of giving birth, I would still want to remove the dirt.

5) If I want to do something, for instance, helping out with house chores, getting groceries. It needs to be done NOW. Not five minutes later, not even a minute later.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006
Don't feel like blogging lately. So just some random updates.

Went to see "Cats" at the Pentages theatre on Sunday afternoon with hubby and Xinh. Didn't realize it was showing on Easter when I bought the tickets. It was a good experience seeing it in person, but the show was ok. Annoyed that they were still letting people in half an hour after it started. We took the train in, rather than fighting traffic. It stopped right in front of the theatre. It did take a while, but it was fun. I felt like a New Yorker.

Had a pretty good Easter weekend. JE's school had an egg hunt. It was raining heavily, they had to do it indoor instead. When I went to pick him up, the umberrla was useless, we all got soaked. Went to a local park to egg-hunt on Saturday morning. We got there a bit late. The eggs were gone already, in 60 seconds. We ended up going to friends' house, ate chips and salsa, drank wine for lunch.

Taking a yoga class with Mom every Thursday night at the city's community center. Last Thursday was the first class. Very relaxing and a good stress reliever.

Trying to find things/classes for JE to do in summer. I want him to take Chinese classes in summer. There are plenty of schools out there catering to it, just need to find a good one.

Joined a local mommy group. Tomorrow we are meeting at Beeman Park in the morning. It should be fun. It's good to be able to talk to other adults besides my husband once a while. HAH.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006
Yet another climbing photo
One day she will be on top of a tree just like her Daddy, and I will be freaking out at the bottom. She will tell me "Don't worry Mommy, I won't fall." Then she will fall down just like her Daddy, and gets a big scar on her head.

Saturday, April 08, 2006
Can we go again?
The rain has finally stopped on Wednesday. But not early enough for us to venture outside to do anything. It was still very wet.

But come Thursday, we decided to go to Huntington Libraray, being it was the first Thursday of the month and free. When were five blocks away from the place, all cars were stopped. But hubby was really clever and it was good he was able to read the map. He took us around and avoided all the traffic, and got us at the front door within five minutes.

Huntington Libraray has a Children's Garden, it is fairly new. Since Thursday was free, every mom and their kids were there. The place was packed. But the kids had lots of fun. Amber was soaked and dirty. That's how you have a good time. But doofus me didn't check to see if the batteries were fully charge in the camera. It died after taking a dozen photos, mostly JE's.

Yesterday we left around Amber's nap time to Sea World. She did sleep, but not long enough. Half an hour from Sea World, we hit major taffic. It took us an hour extra longer than usual to get there. But the good thing to get there in the afternoon was that there were hardly anyone there. We saw a few shows, ate some BBQ, played in the kids area. Well, the kids played, we supervised. Everyone had a great time. We left around 7, just in time to get home for the kids to have a good night sleep.

Thursday, April 06, 2006
I hit the jackpot

Big Johnny Johnston

People Iced:Forty Four
Car Bombs Planted:Fourteen
Favorite WeaponA Candlestick
Arms Broken:Twenty Six
Eyes Gouged:Three
Tongues Cut Off:Four
Biggest Enemy:Knuckle Bruiser

Get Your HITMAN Name

Wednesday, April 05, 2006
It's late, I just want to share with you this story...
It's 2am here. Since I don't have to drop one of my kids to school tomorrow and hubby will be home, which means I get to sleep in. And with the crappy weather that is going, we are not likely to go anywhere, I get to stay up late, or early. Except I'm really craving a greek salad. But that has nothing to do with the story.

So how about some show and tell time?

About what you ask? About how I met my husband? Interested it? Bored already? No, don't answer me. I'm going to share with you anyway. I must be very sleep deprived wanting to do this. So here it goes.

Back in 1996, 1997, I was heavily chatting away on a virtual place called BayMOO. It was very popular back then, but it's dead now, I think. Basically it was a telnet chat environment that you could create virtual homes and meet people all over the world. It was an early version of chat rooms. Anyway, it was there that I met my hubby.

He came to visit me in 1997, all the way from the land down under for three months. Then I went back with him for six months. We got married in April the next year. We have been living happily ever since and produced two beautiful children.

The end.

Ok, I decided I need sleep badly, so you only get the short version.

And I wonder what my kids will think or say when we tell them that their daddy and mommy met over the internet?

Tuesday, April 04, 2006
It needs to be gone!
It has started raining on and off yesterday morning. Now it's full blown none-stop raining here. It's so annoying. Not to mention it's happening during my son's week off.

The rain makes me sad. I don't feel like doing anything.

Just stop already.

5 Things in Your
I was going to do Ten on Tuesday, topic is Ten Favorite during Spring Time. Well, it has been raining since spring started, so I can not say I find it much appealing. I will do this meme from the Xinher instead.

A) wallet:
1. driver's license
2. bank visa check card
3. credit card
4. AAA card
5. health insurance cards

B) purse:
1. cell phone
2. wallet
3. lip gloss
4. crayon
5. gum

C) hall closet:
1. coats/jackets
2. a container filled God knows what
3. cushions
4. a couple of bags
5. some toys

D) any drawer:
1. take out menus
2. placemats
3. batteries
4. checkbooks
5. a couple of starbucks cards

E) bathroom cabinet:
1. make-ups
2. facial cleanser
3. deodorant
4. perfume
5. nail polish

Monday, April 03, 2006
Good times, good times
So what did we do on the first offical day of Spring Break?

I took the kids to the park. I thought JE would run wild once he was there. But nope, he stayed mostly with his sister. Holding onto her while going down the slide, blocking her way if he felt it was unsafe for her to cross. He was very protective of her. On the other hand, Amber just wanted to do whatever. She spent half of the time burying herself in the sand.

We made to the park just in time too. The rained started to come down when we were leaving.

While Amber was having her nap, JE and I did some finger painting. It was the new no-messy paint, which made it even better, because there were no paint drops to be cleaned.

John is taking Wednesday to Friday off. So hopefully we will be able to make a day trip to San Diego.

I just looked up to see the April calendar. Every weekend of this month is filled with kids' activities. JE has two birthday parties to go to, and there is the egg hunt, a dental and doctor appointment for each kid. Then on the 16th we are going to see "Cats" with a friend of ours. I'm really looking forward to it.

Sunday, April 02, 2006
Weekend is gone already?
JE has started his very first spring break. I don't think the idea has sunk into him, that he doesn't have to go to school tomorrow. At his age, I think he rather goes to school to play with his friends than stay at home.

We were planning to take the kids to the park on Saturday after Amber's nap. But on the way back from yet another fish shopping trip, JE felt asleep in the car and stayed asleep.

They went to grandparents' instead after their naps.

Since we were kids free, we went to get some sushi instead. I love it. I get those strong sushi craving especailly before I fell off the roof.

On Sunday afternoon, we went to get a desk at IKEA for me. It took usJohn a few hours to put it together and reorganized the room. I love the new desk. It has tons of storage and writing spaces. It also has a maganetic board which I can stick all my reminders on. JE now has my old computer desk. He loves it too that it's high enough Amber will not be able to bug him while he is on.