Saturday, September 22, 2007
Who woud have thought?
We have been living in our current house for almost four years now. All that time we never knew that within ten minutes, there is a drive-in theater near by! We headed out there last night to watch "The Bourne Ultimatum". We brought snacks and drinks. Even though there were long lines of cars to get in, but it was not crowded at all due to that there were four screens showing different movies. In fact if you finish what you are watching or get bored, you can drive around to watch something else. But we only watched one movie,. Good thing too, we made home just in time for the rain to pour down.

The quality of the photo was not that good. But I think you can make out the big screen and get the idea.


Wednesday, September 05, 2007
Back to School
First day of school, and shall we say it was quite a disaster. We were LATE!

I blame on jet-lagging. I had about two and half hours of sleeps last nightthis morning. It was a wonder I actually was able to drag my tired ass out of bed.

Right now, I would like nothing but lie down and sleep. But I must resist or I will never get over the jet-lag.

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Monday, September 03, 2007
Australia Trip
First of all you think our gas price is bad, wait until you go to Australia!


No, it is not $119/gallon. It is $1.19/liter, which comes to about $5/gallon.

Anyway, here are a couple of pictures of Melbourne.

DSCN0197 Flinder Street Station

DSCN0195 Melbourne Aquarium

Mum and John A pre-wedding photo of John and his Mum


We are back
We had a really great time in the land down under. Mum's wedding went really well. Will write more and post photos. I have bags to unpack and laundries to do, but those can wait. I am seriously jet-lagged and very very hot.

And apparently I missed an earthquake yesterday.